Henry, St. Paul, MN - Family Photographer

Henry was a tough cookie for the first part of his session. Then his brilliant mama came up withe the idea to call Grandpa via Face time.  Henry's face lit up the moment he heard his voice coming through! We captured some serious ones, which seems to be Henry's preferred resting face. :p  But we also were patient and let Henry get comfortable in his surrounding so he opened up. 

Sitter session take place between 7 and 9 months when baby is sitting unassisted but not yet crawling. This happens to, unfortunately, coincide with the "stranger" and separation anxiety stage.  My commitment to each one of my clients is that I will be patient with your little one and you! New surroundings and a new lady with a camera in their face can be overwhelming at first. But we always make it through to a smile in the end!