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    Tree Farm Mini Sessions

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    Amelia Rose { Minneapolis Children’s Photographer }

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    This sweet little family found me through around Christmas on 2014!

    I have been blessed to be a part of their lives since then and have loved watching all their kiddos grow! Amelia is 9 months here!
    2016-03-28_0002 2016-03-28_0001 2016-03-28_0003


    Lucas Family Maternity

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    I have been friends with this lady longer in my life than I haven’t been.  Now if THAT doesn’t make you feel old, I don’t know what will!

    I can’t wait to meet baby #2 from this family and see how Abby blossoms into an amazing big sister!


    2015-04-27_0012015-04-27_002 2015-04-27_003 2015-04-27_004

    Evelyn {1 year old}

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    {Mally Kate} – 3 months

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    Mally Kate is the perfect blend of her brother and sister!

    I am blessed to be able to see her grow and the older she gets the more that I see her own little personality coming through! Although her family never expected her, she is the perfection way to complete their family!

    2015-02-21_001 2015-02-21_003 2015-02-21_004 2015-02-21_002

    {Kellan} A Full Birth Story

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    From Kimi’s facebook page:

    “Some of you may have known that when we found out we had to have a c-section that we had to cut birth photography out of our budget. Being a responsible adult isn’t fun. However, my amazing friend Stefany stepped in and helped by being my doula/photographer. She was also 36 weeks pregnant! Rock it girl. I can’t wait to see them! These totally made me laugh. We did a lot of laughing before I was cut open.”


    Kimi’s long time friend, Lindsey, decorated her room before she arrived and was able to be her nurse!






    Everything was in place.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And Kyle entertained us with photos of Kimi.

    And Kimi put lipgloss on and talked a lot about wanting to eat mashed potatoes and gravy.  🙂


    Then around 1:15 pm, Kimi went to get prepped for surgery.  Which left Kyle to his own devices.



    And FINALLY it was time!  I have to admit I was pretty nervous being 36 weeks pregnant and not sure how I would react to the surgery.  But there was no turning back now!

    The room was very calm and Kimi’s midwife was there holding her hand the whole time.


    The surgery itself took less than a minute from beginning to the time Kellan was out.  However, it felt like an eternity.  I can only imagine how long it felt to Kimi and Kyle.






    Kimi had such an amazing nursing staff and support system.



    And now baby Kellan! He was pink and crying almost immediately! I know it was stressful for Kimi not to be able to see him or hold him for a few minutes. But that crying DEFINITELY told his mama he was doing alright!


    Kellan immediately calmed down when the nurse put him of Kimi’s chest. He did not make a noise until they tried to put a hat on him. He was snuggled in right where he was suppose to be.



    And, after the long wait, Dad got to hold Kellan. And you couldn’t have paid him to stop smiling.




    Good work, Kimi. You were brave and strong.  Even though things didn’t go the way you planned along the journey, you have your complete family now.  And what a handsome new addition you have.






    Follow along with my Facebook page to see more birth story and adorable newborns!


    Cake Smash! // Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

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    It is SUCH a blessing to me to be able to follow these babies from birth to their first year.  I love getting to know the families and many have become dear friends of mine in the process.  Hey, it is hard not to love me after spending a year with me. :p


    Here is one of my little nuggets, Abby.  She is so lively and has the best facial expressions. Her parents are some of the kindest and most patient people I have met.  They also have the most amazing dog! 🙂




    Carter’s Birth

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